Marije Nie

tap dancer, performer, music director, project producer

I am a musician with my  feet, a dancing percussion player. I’m fascinated by the power and the poetry of steps, and their ability to navigate many different worlds. In my work, I transforms traditional tap dance into a contemporary form; building bridges between different artistic disciplines, traditions and cultures.

I work in classical music, jazz, film and theater, creates interdisciplinary theater pieces, community art projects, interventions and workshops. I’m proud to be part of Splendor, a musician-led concert space in Amsterdam.The multi-award winning dance documentary One Million Steps places dance as a catalyst in the public space in the midst of the Istanbul protests of 2013.

I am long-term artist in residence at Nordisk Teater Laboratorium in Holstebro, Denmark, where I now work as perfomer and project developer. Projects include the performance ‘What Is Mine’, with director Vilja Itkonen (FIN), the yearly festival SLASH at the Slagteriet Holstebro and local transformations in Gullestrup and Vinderup.

Sharing knowledge and working methods of artists between disciplines, with communities and with professionals from outside the arts is an important theme for me. I co-founded the artist driven research lab Radio Kootwijk Live, which operated from 2009 until 2015 in The Netherlands, connecting classical musicians, theatermakers, light designers and theatre directors. Together they created new visions for concerts and explored how to share working methods from their own practices with professionals from outside the arts.

In 2017, I co-founded the Cross Pollination Platform (CP) together with Adriana La Selva as part of my residency at NTL. CP is international and interdisciplinary network of performers and researchers which focusses on the dialogue in-between practices, new ways of knowledge building and understanding collaboration, connecting theater practice with artistic research.